STEAM ROOM is an artistic team within the field of choreography and dance. The team is formed by Aleksandar Georgiev – Ace, Zhana Pencheva and Darío Barreto Damas, three choreographers/dancers actively operating parallely in a local and international level in Sofia, Burgas, Skopje, Stockholm and Tenerife. 

STEAM ROOM is formed out of the wish to facilitate conditions and environments that contribute to the development of the work in the field of choreography and dance in different localities, with an intrinsic international vision. STEAM ROOM aims to open spaces for reflection and wider critical knowledge through artistic work and cultural initiatives.

STEAM ROOM was formed in 2018 and until now two artistic works (dragON aka PONY and dragON aka PHOENIX as part of the choreographic trilogy dragON) have been produced and cultural programs focused on discursive and critical practises, the dialogue between artists-art-audience, research, artistic residencies and emerging artists throughout the institution project ICC (Imaginative Choreographic Center) have been initiated. 

Letter of presentation: 

“We are active figures in the field of choreography and dance in several localities. We are friends, family and working partners. Our union is based on motivation and necessity, both related to our current work in the choreography and dance field. In other words, STEAM ROOM comes from an alternative family constellation and is run by our desire to count with better conditions and accessible infrastructures in our artistic and cultural work. 

Throughout our work, we want to highlight what constitutes a partnership that shares a common ground but embraces individuality, not pursuing one single identity. We work on co-authorship on the basis of co-existence, not demanding the normalisation of interests and abilities but running on the logic of equity and diversity. Not to see deviations and disagreements as a problem to be solved but something to be promoted and celebrated. We do not work on our individual artistic identities through STEAM ROOM, we do engage in collaborative and collective strategies to fulfil our needs, still conserving our individualities”. 

Aleksandar, Zhana, Darío

More about Aleksandar, Darío and Zhana :

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