CRITICALLY HOT program line is a container of letters written by diverse figures engaged in the sphere of contemporary dance and choreography around the topic processes of  institutionalisation and imaginative institutions. It does not suggest
a specific direction of reflecting and writing in relation to the proposed topic, but it rather insists on around-ness as a methodology. 

The letters themselves form the texture of around-ness, a space shaped by multiple trajectories which collectively
re-question, re-visit, re-organize, re-formulate and mostly re-model the already existing institutional models and dynamics
of functioning. The reader is welcome to create his/her/their own dramaturgy or linking strategies inside the container and practice critical thinking. What is it to be surrounded by multiple approaches and expanded notions of imagination and institution?


Marta BuggioMira TodorovaIda DanielAna VujanovićIvana Dragsic Video/Transcription
Rossen MihailovDragana AlfirevićIgor KorugaCarlota MantecónNina Gojić and Dunja Crnjanski
Dragana Zarevska: 1, 2

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