HOT BODIES is a program line which supports, stimulates and nurtures new generations of artists within the field of choreography and dance. This initiative is thought to happen in several localities, in 2021 focusing on the scene in Bulgaria.

HOT BODIES took place 2 times in 2021 in Burgas and in Sofia, Bulgaria, providing a context where young artists based in Bulgaria who are starting to work in the field of choreography and dance have the possibility to work on their artistic interests through the perspective of the current working freelance dynamics. 

HOT BODIES offered rehearsal and stage space, mentoring, feedback, production budget, morning training and workshops.

Participants: Irina Stoyanova, Ksenia Bakalova, Nataliya Basheva, Elena Marinova.
Mentors: Mladen Alexiev and Zornitsa Stoyanova.
Morning training: Vasil Zelyamov. 
Workshop: Maya Stefanova.

Participants: Bilyana Georgieva, Daniel Denev, Maria Vitanova, Sasha Hadjieva and Silviya Cherneva.
Coordination: Zornitsa Stoyanova.
Mentors: Anna Pampulova and Willy Prager.
Morning training: Marion Darova.

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