Dance baby, dance is the opening work of a choreographic research focused on the relational potentialities that can occur when people come together and dance.

Seen as a choreographic concert with specific pathways and internal rules, 6 kinetic/dancing bodies go through a variety of situations – flirtation, mystery, transparency, illogicality, irritability and other sensitive spaces. The concert is submerged in a party-club-like atmosphere and showered with contemporary electronic and pop music.

Building upon ideas from Zhana Pencheva´s previous performance Six Love Songs – Dance Baby, Dance is an engine of exposure, the music – a tool to be seen and experienced.

Choreography: Zhana Pencheva.
Dancers and collaborators: Violeta Vitanova, Zhana Pencheva,
Zornitsa Stoyanova, Aleksandar Georgiev. Daniel Denev and Darío Barreto Damas.
Music: Tsvetan Momchilov.
Costumes and set design: Ralitsa Toneva.
Graphic Design: Gjorgji Despodov.
Video and Photo: Natalya Sidorenko.

Produced by Garage Collective and Zhana Pencheva. Co-production by ICC (Imaginary Choreographic Center) and DNK – space for contemporary dance and performance. 

The project is implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria, the National Fund for Culture in Bulgaria and the Municipality of Burgas.

Photos by Nataliya Sidorenko.

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