Hey dear. Bring your presence right here and invite everyone to your memory, your imagination, your daydreaming, to the stories that start with “what if”. While doing so be gracefully stable, not necessarily peaceful, most probably busy, but absolutely graceful, amused with the signals of satisfaction risen when you get stuck in movement loops which slightly rock your flesh and organs, or when, with a cultured alongué and its invisible but tangible traces from which flowers raise up, you send information and data that conquers the room, as if a rose´s essence hits you while walking your favourite street.

You know, like they do in the movies, creating superpowers with moves that look quite senseless and pointless but kinetically refined and effortlessly performed. When they manage to vanish a wide universe with a simple soft swing of the wrist, carelessly, smoothly and gloriously, like no disturbance has happened to this body, ever. It is truly a temple of satisfaction, the same feeling you get when you are in a roller coaster, when your body is more than your body, when the hidden continuation of your moves can cure everyone around. Like a cluster of bodies moving through and in each other’s spaces with no reconsideration, as if they have done it a billion times, as if it’s their home feeling, their sense of base, their stability. A comfortable space where their mouths produce saliva in the same way as when you are hungry and a delicious meal produces the sensation of smooth fireworks under your cheeks. Bodies tuned just like chewing gum.

Your moves are this chewing gum that goes from thick tension to stretched softness, that gets stuck in surfaces, creating new ones, redefining borders, molding through liquid times, like when you try to catch a note underwater, elevated and ungraspable, almost not real, holy.

Dear, just feel the pleasure of stretching that gorgeous dance of yours, do not finish it, do not burn it, keep the promise of your best move, the best smell, a wonderful taste, do not realise it, miss it, suspend the nostalgia, like when you try to run in a dream but you are inevitably slow. Enjoy the pleasure of pushing. It is like knowing the future, owning a future that cannot happen without today’s suspenseful satisfaction.

Choreography: Aleksandar Georgiev.
Performance and co-workers: Carlota Mantecón, Reinaldo Ribeiro, Sara Reyes,
Aleksandar Georgiev and Darío Barreto Damas.
Dramaturgical support: Javier Cuevas.
Music: Tsvetan Momchilov.
Graphic design: Gjorgji Despodov.
Costumes: Aleksandar Georgiev, Katerina Tosheva and Héctor León León.

SCREENSAVER is developed as part of the program “Contemporary Choreography and Dance” of Lokomotiva – Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture, North Macedonia, and the program “Residentes” of TenerifeLAV – Tenerife Laboratorio de Artes Vivas, Spain.

SCREENSAVER is realised with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of North Macedonia, National Cultural Fund of Bulgaria, Garage Collective, TenerifeLAV and Instituto Canario de Desarrollo Cultural – Gobierno de Canarias.

SCREENSAVER is produced by Darío Barreto Damas and co-produced by ICC – Imaginative Choreographic Center with the support of STEAM ROOM, cie. THOR (BE), Konstnärsnämnden (SE), ccap and c.off (SE), Beatrix Crew Dance Studio (MK), Fashion Studio LE-TE (MK), MOT festival in Skopje (MK), Municipality Burgas (BG), DNK – space for contemporary dance and performance (BG), Teatro El Sauzal (ES), Centro Cultural El Sauzal (ES) and Espacio La Granja (ES).

Photos by Javier Pino

For further information contact georgiev.4ace@gmail.com 

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