POETIC BODIES is a program line that offers various formats to support artistic processes in the field of choreography and dance such as artistic residencies, choreographic atelier and creative processes.

For this edition, ICC invited the artists Aleksandar Georgiev and Zhana Pencheva to work on their latest artistic interests within the frame of “situation”.

Situation: a one-week context in which participants with an interest in choreography and dance engage on a specific artistic proposal through several approaches simultaneously, (educational, research, practice sharing, creative process, etc.).

S-HOLE – Situation with Aleksandar Georgiev

S – HOLE it’s a work that deals with the exposure and transformation of the anus in relation to its cultural heritage, its potentiality and its expressivity through performing arts discourse. Even though this work seems to focus on a singular materia/materiality, (the anus), it still deals with the hyper layering of its multiple discourses and poetics, (physical, representative, political, social, semantical, rhetorical and historical ones).

“I’m still hustling with the idea of how to become an S-HOLE where re-identification procedures would create a choreographically satisfying landscape of anuses, so the private-public matter would disturb its usual flow of heteronormative discourse of shame and blame”.

S – HOLE is an episode from the choreographic research of Aleksandar Georgiev “CO-series”, which focuses on practices of coexisting observed from a choreographic perspective.

Led by Aleksandar Georgiev in collaboration with Bruno Ramri, Ksenia Bakalova and Marion Darova.

Dance baby, dance – Situation with Zhana Pencheva

Dance baby, dance continues exploring the choreographic concert, firstly visited in Zhana Pencheva´s work Six Love Songs. The memory of a possible dance, its revival and empathy for its joy is at the heart of this proposal.

In this “situation” kinetic bodies will go through a diverse range of possible aesthetics, techniques, mechanisms and dances, interacting with contemporary electronic and pop music, its mechanisms and proposals. Music will be used as an engine for the body which wants to be seen and empathised and the dance, which

wants to be danced in different atmospheres of flirtation, mystery, transparency, illogicality, irritability and other sensitive spaces.

Dance baby, dance challenges movement, bodies and music to coexist, while building new connections, on the one hand between them and on the other with the audience. This is a concert for bodies empowered by movement. Choreography of hidden places. Body affair seeking definition. Erotic notions stimulating the senses. Their reciprocal shadow, too.

Led by Zhana Pencheva in collaboration with Tsveta Doycheva, Ivaylo Dimitrov, Zornitsa Stoyanova, Irina Stoyanova and Natalia Basheva.

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