ICC is a long term artistic project focused on processes of imaginative institutionalisation of the artist’s work in the field of choreography and dance.

ICC functions as a net that researches different support structures for artistic works processes and stresses discursive practices around choreography and dance. ICC proposes an undefined space for collectively working around practices of nurturing the choreography and dance scene and the creation of common resources oriented towards the artist´s work, (the totality of the labour implied in it), its regulation and its processes. 

ICC does not have a physical space even though it actualises itself in different existing physical spaces. Following the same logic, ICC does not own an administrative body / does not have a legal organisation  and it functions by collaborating with existing ones. 

The territory where it operates intrinsically depends on the people who are part of it. ICC is a black hole, a denationalised container, a proposal for a choreographic center run on the bases of needs and imagination. 

ICC offers different programs focused on discursive and critical practices, the dialogue between artists-art-audience, research, artistic residencies and emerging artists.

Video by Studio Karakashyan


ICC wants to create conditions towards an emancipatory functioning and development of the artist working in the field of and choreography and dance.


ICC focuses on supporting working structures in the field of choreography and dance. Through diverse formats, ICC supports artists and the processes of their artistic work.

Specific objectives:

• To work towards better conditions for the artist labour.
• To support the artist throughout different periods of their working process, generally not recognised by institutions. 
• To maintain regular dialogs within the field aiming for a better understanding of the necessary conditions to execute the work of an artist. 
• To work towards a decentralised modus operandi, denationalising and deprivatizing ways of supporting and working.
• To trigger different relations between artists, art and audiences.


ICC opened in September 2020. Here is the video of the opening where you can get a deeper overview of the project:

If you would like to enter in any imagined dialogue with ICC, please write us an email at: 

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